Knee Revision Arthroplasty

The 'Stage One' Revision Knee System

The Stage One System encompasses a revision tibial tray, anatomical augments in 5 and 10mm thicknesses and tibial stems in various diameters and lengths. Where additonal fixation is required on the non-affected side, screw-in ‘spiked’ augments are available also. The ‘spiked’ augments resemble the standard 'lug' on the primary component and will provide additional resistance to torsional forces.

The design was conceived to address the difficult primary knee with tibial bone loss and the increasing number of  ‘bone sacrificing’ unicompartmental knees that are failing, needing subsequent revision.

In our experience revising metal-backed tibial unicompartmental components is not always straightforward. Loss of the medial buttress often needs augmentation to replace it.

The tibial tray is compatible with the RBK poly insert and the existing femur. All stems and augments are fixed mechanically to the base plate with screws. The definitive component is then cemented into place. Watch the website for post-operative x-rays of recent cases.

The addition of a stemmed and augmentable femur will be available from orthopoedic manufacturers in the near future.