Muscle Sparing Hip Replacement

This operation was performed at St Vincents Hospital Sydney by Associate Professor Woodgate in December 2007.

Figures 1-8 show initial incision, insertion of self-retaining retractors and resection of the femoral head leaving the neck in place.  

Figures 9-16 show the head remnant and the conservative bone sparing nature of the osteotomy. The exposure of the acetabulum can be plainly seen. Reaming of the acetabulum and placement of the definitive acetabular implant.

Figure 15 shows the exposure of the femoral neck prior to insertion of the broach. Figure 16 shows the broach half way into the femoral canal in preparation to accept the definitive femoral implant.

Figures 17-24 show final femoral canal preparation and insertion of the definitive implant. In figure 22, the implant can be seen attached to its specialised inserter. The next group of still shots shows the final impaction of the stem, the attachment of a trial neck device, reduction and range of motion/stability test.

The final group of still shots show the insertion of the definitive modular neck and head implant and the wound closed in layers.